July 2016

KatieCamp goes Camping

Over the 4th of July weekend Nick and I headed up to the Adirondacks to visit some of his family and go camping.

Friday we drove to his grandparents' house in Luzerne and stayed there for the night -- which was great because it poured that night. I was really thankful not to be in a tent.

Reflecting on the past 5 years

2011 was a year of big changes in my life. I left my job at a materials testing lab where I had worked for 2 years since finishing college to start working at Cornell's particle accelerator lab. I had big changes in my dating/romantic life. I moved to a new apartment. I bought my first road bike and really started getting into cycling. And the event that has probably impacted my life more than anything else - 5 years ago, on this day, my dad died.

First Lake Swim of 2016

Today was my first lake swim of 2016. On Saturday mornings before public swim starts at Taughannock Park, there is an area open with lifeguards for people to practice swimming for the Cayuga Lake Tri. It's pretty convenient, and I don't get out in the lake much, so I took advantage of it today. I saw lots of tri people there biking and running before/after swimming. I saw Amy and her son practicing the youth bike route. Kara and her husband Dave were just finishing up a bike-run and were getting in the water the same time I was. I saw 2 coworkers biking after I was done swimming.

Women's Distance 5k

Tonight I ran in the Women's Distance Festival 5k around Dryden Lake. There was a chance of thunderstorms all day, but they never came and it ended up being a very hot and humid night. Normally I wouldn't want to run during that kind of weather, but I wanted to do this one because it would be good training for upcoming triathlons (since I don't get out to run much) and I heard many good things about this event from multiple women.