It's a Wonderful Run 5k

Late this fall, my friend Tina asked me and a few other friends if we wanted to participate in a holiday-themed 5k in Seneca Falls, called "It's a Wonderful Run." It's been happening for several years and I've always thought about doing it too late, so I was excited to decide to do it!

The town of Seneca Falls, NY is rumored to be the inspiration for the town of Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life. The WHOLE town really gets into this event!

Race Report: Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon

Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn't planning on running this race. I thought there was a bike race in Watkins Glen that I wanted to do today, but found out from my friend a few weeks ago that it was canceled for this year. I hadn't put much thought into this half marathon since I was planning on the bike race, but since the day was now free, I decided to sign up.

The course was very appealing: a point to point race, with the first six miles or so on the Black Diamond Trail (which I've run on before and love). That part was all downhill, and the rest was flat - no uphills at all!

Women's Distance 5k

Tonight I ran in the Women's Distance Festival 5k around Dryden Lake. There was a chance of thunderstorms all day, but they never came and it ended up being a very hot and humid night. Normally I wouldn't want to run during that kind of weather, but I wanted to do this one because it would be good training for upcoming triathlons (since I don't get out to run much) and I heard many good things about this event from multiple women.