South Shore of Kauai


Our next airbnb was in Koloa, on the south shore of Kauai. This area had more resorts, and more people in general. The weather was kind of stormy and cloudy the days we were here, and we had kind of a weird airbnb experience here. Plus, Princeville had been so awesome and beautiful, I think it made seem Koloa seem disappointing (but I mean, you’re still in’s still really great).

North Shore of Kauai


Our first few days of the trip were spent on the North Shore of Kauai. Our air bnb was a condo in a nice quiet area in Princeville. The North Shore of Kauai was our favorite place we stayed during the trip. Everywhere is super green and lush. It’s beautiful, and relaxing, and not very crowded (considering it’s a popular destination). A mountain in the center of Kauai is said to be the wettest spot on earth.


After Mexico, I headed to Austin. Nick and I split up at the airport in Monterrey and I headed to Houston then Austin. I did not have a long layover in Houston and I was worried about getting through customs and to my next flight in time, but, it worked out OK. When I was going through customs I was mixed in with a soccer team which I later found out was a famous team from Mexico called Club America. The woman next to me in line had me take a picture of her with them. 

A Mexican Wedding

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Nick's friend Alan married his girlfriend Cordelia in Monterrey, Mexico July 1 and we were invited. They both live in Monterrey so this was not a "destination wedding" in Mexico.

Trip to Monterrey Mexico

Last week Nick and I went to Monterrey, Mexico for a wedding. When Nick was in college there were several students from Monterrey that went to Nick's college for a semester and Nick kept in touch with a few of them. One of these exchange students, Alan, was the one getting married. We met up with him and his now-wife, Cordelia, a few years ago in Chicago. 


At the end of February I took my first trip to Colorado - it was great! 

The were a few reasons for taking this trip: I had never been to CO, we have a few friends that have recently moved there, and Nick wanted to see the Red Wings play in the outdoor hockey game in Denver.