First Lake Swim of 2016

Today was my first lake swim of 2016. On Saturday mornings before public swim starts at Taughannock Park, there is an area open with lifeguards for people to practice swimming for the Cayuga Lake Tri. It's pretty convenient, and I don't get out in the lake much, so I took advantage of it today. I saw lots of tri people there biking and running before/after swimming. I saw Amy and her son practicing the youth bike route. Kara and her husband Dave were just finishing up a bike-run and were getting in the water the same time I was. I saw 2 coworkers biking after I was done swimming. I would have ridden my bike or run in addition to swimming, but I am doing a sprint tri tomorrow morning and wanted to kind of take it easy today.

I think today was the first lake swim of the year for a lot of the people there. There was lots of nervous chatter about how hard wetsuits are to put on, the temperature of the water, seaweed, etc. Speaking of seaweed - THERE WAS SO MUCH OF IT. Usually in public swimming areas it's not bad at all, but this area was covered with it. One side of the swim area was particularly bad -- it was really high and touching my face when I swam over it. My hands were always touching it. At the end of the swim area where you turn around to swim back and have to tread water for a moment, it would wrap around your feet. Everyone was commenting about how much of it there was. It took me a good 20 minutes to really even feel comfortable about swimming over it. There is something very unsettling about putting your face in dark water and seeing a plant right there. It doesn't sound like it should be scary, but, it is. 

Whenever I am swimming in a lake I am always thinking "I am SO grateful for Shane Eversfield," who I took many swim lessons with and taught me a whole new way to swim. I have improved in lake swimming SO much since taking his classes. If anyone is nervous about swimming in open water, Shane is the person to talk to. I think about the skills I learned from him every single time I swim. I know others that have taken his class feel the same way.

So, all in all, a very good practice swim and I eventually got more comfortable with the seaweed. After I got out of the water one of the lifeguards said that they are planning to cut down the seaweed this week so it should be much better next weekend. I guess the mild winter we have combined with all the sun recently has been perfect for seaweed growth.

Since I had to pay $8 to get into the park to swim, I figured I should do something else while I was there. I went for a walk around the rim trail, which was nice - I have not been on that trail in a long time. Pictures in this post are from my walk.